Server virtualisation, either by itself or as part of a multi-layered IT solution, is a strategy which really can help organisations achieve more for less by enabling their date centres to increase computing capacity and deliver improved business flexibility.

    Server virtualisation is based on technology which partitions a physical server into multiple, smaller virtual servers to maximise hardware resources. In server virtualisation, resources are hidden or masked from users and software is used to divide the physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. This approach enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single, physical machine.

    What does this mean for businesses looking to shrink budgets? Server virtualisation reduces dependency on physical servers and allows companies to reduce their hardware requirements; thus reducing floor space, lowering power and air-conditioning costs while decreasing annual maintenance expenditure. By consolidating servers, businesses optimise server memory and make more effective use of their remaining hardware, significantly reducing the time it takes to install new virtual servers as and when needed.

    How can server virtualisation increase productivity?

    ACR’s virtualisation solutions help businesses to:

    • Consolidate multiple, under utilised physical servers on a single host using virtual software application
    • Reduce downtime and improve reliability due to virtual servers running independent OS that can be rebooted in isolation from the others
    • Reduce workforce and space requirements by removing hardware, saving money
    • Lower maintenance bills and power/cooling costs

    Fit for purpose solutions

    ACR does not take a ‘one rule fits all’ approach to infrastructure design, but instead utilises technology from multiple vendors to deliver the best solution for each business depending on demands and budget. Our solutions incorporate industry-leading products including:

    VMware vSphere


    A premier virtualisation platform for building cloud infrastructures, maximising uptime and delivering consistent automation to reduce costs.

    Citrix XenServer


    A simple and affordable virtualisation platform for cloud, server and desktop management that provides IT flexibility and agility while lowering costs.

    Microsoft Hyper-V


    A server virtualisation technology that improves resource utilisation and reduces hardware sprawl; thus reducing associated capital costs.








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