Across all industries and sectors, employees are demanding greater mobility in the way they fulfil their work duties and the devices they use to do this. The boundaries between business and personal time are becoming increasingly blurred and remote working is no longer the luxury of a select minority. Forward-thinking businesses need a solution which embraces employee choice and broadens the possibilities for productivity while crucially protecting data and sensitive information.

    Mobile computing is a new concept prompted by advances in wireless technology. It enables users to work on portable devices that have access to a shared virtual desktop infrastructure regardless of theirl location. This new model promises a revolutionary user environment which delivers unbroken movement from multiple devices including the desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Such seamless access has obvious advantages for business productivity by providing employees with an opportunity to continue their work while out of the office, travelling from one meeting to the next, or on overseas business.

    Modern workers are happy to make more efficient use of their time but they are frustrated by endless delays in processing, impossible connection requirements, and time-consuming login-in procedures. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions can resolve these issues and create a user environment that is trouble-free.

    How can mobility computing increase efficiency?

    ACR’s virtualisation solutions help businesses to:

    • Improve workspace flexibility – employees can work from any location as long as a connection is present
    • Save time – workers can carry out their duties while on the move and make more effective use of time spent out of the office
    • Increase productivity – business users no longer need to wait until they are in front of their desk to access research and data
    • Deliver new applications easily with little or no disruption to the end user experience

    Fit for purpose solutions

    ACR draws on the expertise of leading mobile management providers to help our clients improve the productivity of their workforce. These include:

    VMware AirWatch


    A mobility management platform that provides a range of functions such as a complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices in order to increase security and maintain employee privacy. In addition, mobile email management controls data loss while improved security leaves the workforce with an unlimited choice in their BYOD initiatives without introducing risk to the company.

    Citrix XenMobile


    A complete mobility management package that offers mobile device and application administration alongside secure, enterprise-grade email, browsers, filesharing, and editing facilities.








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