Every business is under pressure to reduce expenditure without compromising quality or productivity. IT accounts for a significant proportion of a company’s overall costs and is understandably an area where decision-makers look to deliver efficiencies. Virtualisation is one of the most effective ways of streamlining IT management and ensuring users receive a more enhanced computer service while also delivering necessary reductions in costs.

    Virtualisation refers to a range of computing technologies in which a virtual version of a physical device or resource such as a storage device, a network or an operating system is created by a software application. The technology enables companies to run multiple operating systems or applications on a single computer; thus reducing hardware requirements, freeing up valuable office space and removing unwanted management headaches. With fewer servers working more productively than before, maintenance costs are significantly lower, planned and unexpected downtime is minimised and new applications can be deployed much faster.

    ACR is one of the UK’s leading virtualisation specialists, working with small/medium-sized businesses and large enterprises across a broad range of industries to simplify IT management and deliver infrastructures that can scale in line with the company. Modern businesses face tougher competition, tighter controls and substantial cost pressures. They therefore require flexible and agile technology to be able to meet these challenges. As an award-winning virtualisation delivery partner, ACR places itself at the centre of our client’s businesses so that their challenges are fully understood and a workable solution that does not cost the earth can be reached. Our bespoke virtualisation solutions help companies to fulfil their IT potential and maintain a manageable workload at the same time as controlling costs, enhancing disaster recovery capabilities, increasing business continuity and planning for future growth.

    Removing the barriers to productivity

    ACR’s virtualisation solutions help businesses to:

    • Reduce Infrastructure costs
    • Consolidate physical servers
    • Deliver scalable IT infrastructure
    • Enhance disaster recovery
    • Improve business continuity
    • Reduce capital and operating costs








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