Investing in a reliable and resilient IT infrastructure should be a priority for every business, especially those that have ambitious plans for growth. Planning now for future change can significantly reduce costs in the long-term and ensure the tools needed to meet long-term capacity needs are already in place.

    ACR delivers a range of consultancy services to help businesses evaluate their existing infrastructure, reduce risk and maximise their returns on their IT investment as well as preparing them to meet future demands on services. With a special focus on growth planning, our consultancy team works closely with businesses to help them predict their capacity requirements over any given time period and build-in these allowances in the solution design so there are no unwanted surprises. One of the distinct advantages of ACR’s Capacity Planning service is the way in which it provides managers with a clearer idea of future IT costs.

    ACR’s consultants take the time to understand how our clients’ businesses work. At the outset of every new infrastructure project, ACR will arrange a Project Definition Workshop to map out our clients’ requirements and expectations. This workshop brings together key project members from within the business, the ACR delivery team, and any third party companies that may be involved. It is designed to discuss and agree on specifications for the new technology including costs, risks and timescales to ensure service delivery is not compromised throughout the projects duration.

    ACR’s consultants will undertake a full health check of our clients’ servers, storage and database systems to ensure they are reliable and secure. The result of this work will be a comprehensive report highlighting any issues or architectural weaknesses and suggestions for solutions.








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