The burden of compliance is one of the biggest headaches facing IT management today and is set to become even more challenging with the rise of the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) workforce. Software is licensed, not owned, and provides the user or purchaser specific permission on how that software can be installed and operated. When the parameters change for how that software is installed, this can unwittingly result in breaches of licensing agreements. Few company directors are aware that they can be held personally accountable for license infringement and are not prioritising this issue in the way they should.

    ACR offers a full desktop AND server auditing and documentation service to help you keep on top of software licensing rules. Our auditing capabilities will ensure you aachieve compliance, and allow you to concentrate instead on growing your business.

    ACR delivers a comprehensive package of auditing services including:

    • Anti-virus auditing – Providing a suitable and manageable antivirus policy to mitigate against security risks
    • Hardware auditing – Asset tagging and server configuration is time-consuming and rarely completed. ACR offers a full audit and documentation service that will act as a reference for upgrades, asset registrations and DR documentation.
    • Backup recovery auditing – ACR is able to recover a client’s data backups to verify authenticity on one of our many support servers. Used in conjunction with our hardware auditing service, we can provide a documented disaster recovery programme.
    • Network troubleshooting – ACR utilises advanced network-monitoring equipment to to evaluate bandwidth requirements and analyse the protocols in use to make sure the client only purchases the bandwidth that is needed to maximise performance.
    • Disaster recovery services – ACR provides a cost-effective disaster recovery service, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, with the ability to deliver a skilled technical support engineer anywhere within the UK within 48 hours. Equipment can be configured and implemented to the client’s specification within the same timeframe.








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