Modern businesses face increasing risks from malware and viruses. They require a suitable firewall to filter unauthorised website traffic from entering or leaving a network while protecting private company data and information. Insufficient firewall capacity - or no firewall at all - can be disastrous for business productivity if the worst happens and an entire network is incapacitated following an unsolicited attack.

    An internet firewall is a device designed to shield an internet network from dangerous threats and prevent unauthorised access or infiltration. Firewalls inspect incoming traffic for known attack methods and ensure that these do not inflict costly damage to the company's network devices. Firewalls are critical to a business’s IT infrastructure and act as a bridge between the internal and external network.

    Using a high quality firewall product will limit exposure to operating system vulnerabilities and ensure all communication is secure. Generally, businesses which have a higher number of network users will require a more sophisticated firewall product to protect the network and company information.

    ACR designs customizable IT solutions which fulfil the specific needs of its clients. We have designed, configured, installed and maintained firewall solutions across a broad range of sectors in accordance with existing or emerging security policies. We are proud of our reputation as the IT consultancy that businesses can rely on.

    Fit for purpose solutions

    ACR utilises a range of industry-leading firewall products in its security design services. This includes the Dell SonicWALL firewall series capable of scanning 100% of traffic and ideally placed to meet the needs of high-performing business networks.

    With a scalable architecture and advanced application control for large network deployments, this next generation Firewall series provides superior intrusion prevention and malware protection.










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