Gone are the days when businesses benefited from an endless supply of financial resources. In today’s turbulent economy, most companies have had to scale back their IT investment while continuing to deliver the same level of safety and protection of company data and information assets. IT managers are now forced to make tough decisions on the kind of systems they can afford to support however IT security is one such area which should never fall on the list of compromises.

    Authentication plays a critical role in the strength of a business’s IT security and should be a core component of a multi-faceted security model. In basic terms, Authentication is the process of determining whether a person or connection is exactly what they declare to be. In private and public computer networks such as the internet, authentication typically involves the utilisation of a password and username. Many businesses require a more stringent system; especially where online transactions involve the exchanging of money because passwords can often be stolen or compromised. With an increasingly mobile workforce, data breaches due to compromised passwords are a real risk and businesses need to invest in a multi-layered security product to provide greater protection of sensitive data.

    Making a decision on the most appropriate authentication system for your business can be difficult, especially where there are budget constraints. However, ACR can ease this process considerably by delivering an independent evaluation of your security needs and balancing the value of your assets with your available investment funds.

    Fit for purpose solutions

    ACR utilises a range of industry-leading products to deliver requirements-based solutions. Our Authentication products include:

    RSA SecurID Authentication Agent for Microsoft Windows


    This industry-recognised system utilises two-factor authentication, making it possible for businesses to correctly identify system users before granting them access to valuable corporate information available through Windows-based desktops and networks. This top end authentication system delivers enhanced security while providing a simplified and consistent user login experience.



    Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol which delivers a centralised system of authentication, authorisation and accounting in a networking environment. This system is used by businesses to manage internet access, or access to wireless or internal networks and is particularly suitable for businesses which have a significant volume of users.










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