Businesses which operate out of numerous office locations and across a vast geographical area can save money and boost connectivity by opting for a Wide Area Network (WAN).

    A WAN usually consists of two or more Local Area Networks (LANs) and enables employees who are geographically separated from their colleagues to communicate and share information across a central computer network. These networks make use of existing technology such as the telephone system to connect LANs into a larger network which may span national or international locations. A variety of business functions require a WAN infrastructure including video delivery, file sharing, centralised data storage and remote user access.

    ACR is passionate about delivering bespoke and flexible IT solutions for our clients. We can design and implement a WAN infrastructure or identify opportunities for enhanced performance within your existing network. Current architecture can also be reviewed to discover any weaknesses.

    ACR provides a one-stop service to help businesses get the best out of their IT. Our services include design, installation and consultancy for voice and data, Local Area Networks (LAN), structured cabling and wireless solutions. We help businesses make design decisions that accommodate virtualisation solutions and deliver greater protection from security threats.

    Fit for purpose solutions

    Our IT technical engineers draw on a range of approaches to fulfil our clients’ WAN needs, whether they are driven towards low cost, low bandwidth requirements or enterprise class applications. Our solutions include:

    Talk Talk Business MPLS IPVPN


    As one of the leading providers of next generation communication technologies, Talk Talk Business delivers this WAN solution to support fast and high-volume data, connect individual work sites securely and facilitate consolidation of voice, video and data traffic. Offering a choice of connectivity options ranging from ADSL to high speed Ethernet, the solution provides the end user customer with secure networking, bandwidth and resilience to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

    EFM Leased Line


    A new, affordable leased line service which bridges the gap between low cost but unreliable broadband and expensive fibre leased lines. This cost-effective symmetrical form of internet connectivity service provides a guaranteed service level highly suited to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market. EFM can be used as a means of deploying a multi-site private WAN connecting several different sites.

    MPLS: Multi-Protocol Label Switching


    Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a WAN solution used to connect branch offices to data centres and other company locations. This mechanism offers a range of benefits through high-performance telecommunications networks which direct data from one network node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses. Advantages include faster speed due to labelling technology, more reliable and efficient service and increased security.

    Leased Lines


    ACR can deliver a leased line solution for your WAN according to your budget and business requirements. A leased line is a private high-performance circuit carrying voice, data, or both and is predominantly used for internet access or inter-site communication. Such a mechanism involves the purchase of a permanent link by a telephone provider’s network in return for a monthly fee. The fee remains fixed regardless of the data sent over the link and leased lines deliver guaranteed bandwidth as well as offering an extremely reliable connection.






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