Businesses rely on the ability to manage data and a Local Area Network (LAN) has a core role in this process by allowing employees to share business data and information securely and reliably over a network. As businesses expand, needs grow and companies require a scalable LAN which delivers high availability computing and constant access to company data.

    A LAN is a computer network which connects computers and other hardware such as printers and laptops within a single location. LANs span a small area and are confined to a single building or a group of buildings on one site such as a university campus or multiple offices. Introducing a LAN can give your business a competitive advantage including increased employee productivity and more efficient IT management.

    Deploying a LAN ensures future IT administration is centralised meaning on-site technicians can tackle problems remotely across the network rather than servicing each individual computer; thus reducing operational overhead and costs. In addition to optimising performance, the majority of network devices contain in-built security features that increase network protection.

    ACR has designed and implemented LAN solutions across a range of sectors and provides an ongoing support service to help businesses resolve connection problems quickly and efficiently with minimal impact on productivity.

    Fit for purpose solutions

    ACR uses a multi-vendor approach to IT management to ensure clients are provided with solutions specific to their individual requirements. Our experts utilise a range of LAN products including:

    Dell Networking


    The Dell Networking family provides a vast range of cost-effective solutions suitable for a multitude of environments. Dell’s Wireless Networking products provide enterprise-class, high-performance WiFi networks which are easy to deploy, use and maintain. Additionally, Dell Networking offers a series of flexible, manageable and comprehensive switch solutions supporting up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and optimised iSCSI performance with Dell Storage solutions, making it highly suited to enterprise and campus LAN environments.

    Dell Force10


    Dell’s Force10 network management solution provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate connectivity and security between multiple virtual machines in an environment through virtual server networking. This virtualised connectivity enables communications between Dell Force10 network switches and VM management software to produce automated VM/VLAN provisioning and also virtual machine life cycle and migration.






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