Most businesses are only as good as their IT systems and when these fail so too does productivity and profit. Despite this, many companies still hold on to outdated and underperforming server infrastructure until breaking point in a desperate effort to get their money’s worth. This kind of strategy puts the business under enormous risk and will ultimately lead to problems as the business grows and the demands placed on the servers increase. True value for money lies in identifying an alternative solution that can better cope with the business’s current needs as well as offer a viable platform to expand in the future. Virtualisation achieves both of these aims as well as meeting money-saving goals both in the short and long-term.

    All businesses want to reduce costs, particularly in uncertain economic conditions, and it makes sense to evaluate IT departments to consider whether they are really delivering effective and efficient computing services to the workforce. IT expenditure accounts for a large proportion of a business’s outgoings and hardware replacement can be a costly exercise. As well as reducing spending, all businesses aim for steady growth. As companies increases in size, so too will their data centre requirements, the associated power and cooling costs and the demand for physical space. The need for a scalable infrastructure is crucial to facilitate the growth of the server environment so that business demands can be met.

    Through virtualisation, ACR can help businesses implement a more affordable solution that optimises growth and reduces time-consuming IT management while ensuring hosting systems maximise performance. Businesses looking for the next generation of servers can choose to go a step further by rolling out blade servers at the same time as adopting virtualisation. Blade servers require less space than conventional hardware despite the fact that they can provide more computing power: they therefore support scalability and manageability initiatives.

    Advantages of enhanced server infrastructure:
    • Physical server machines are used to their full capacity, allowing a reduction in server deployment overall
    • Reduced infrastructure costs through server consolidation
    • Scalable IT infrastructure that promotes growth
    • Simplified IT management
    • High-availability

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