Reducing IT expenditure is an attractive proposition in the current economic climate but there are some areas that should never be compromised. Whatever the capabilities and performance record of your current IT infrastructure, data protection and accessibility should always remain a priority. Underinvestment in disaster recovery planning can be a fatal, possibly irrecoverable, mistake yet many companies choose to ignore these risks because they perceive it as too expensive.

    Company data and accessibility to it is critical to modern businesses. Organisations must have in place the necessary processes, policies and technology to protect their IT assets and prepare for recovery and business continuity in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster. Without such protection, productivity and profit will almost certainly be lost and the long-term future of the business will be in doubt.

    Disaster recovery planning is as vital to a company as public liability or business interruption insurance. Without it, business grinds to a halt and it can take considerable time before everything is up and running again.

    ACR has worked with companies of all sizes to tackle this critical business issue by implementing affordable disaster recovery systems that deliver robust protection to organisations while simplifying management. By utilising industry-leading disaster recovery technology, IT experts will reduce the risks facing businesses by ensuring systems and critical information can be recovered effectively and swiftly to minimise interruption.

    Advantages of virtualisation technology in disaster recovery

    One of the most important tasks facing IT departments following a disaster is how quickly they can restore service to users. This often depends on how quickly alternative hardware can be sourced and the length of time it takes for the backup processes to work. This can be a laborious task when there are several servers involved. Virtualisation technology works by taking a virtual image from a physical machine or existing virtual host and redeploying it on another server as backup which significantly reduces downtime and data loss. Benefits of this system include:

    • Simplified disaster recovery management
    • Rapid recovery
    • Lower hardware costs (fewer physical servers are required at the disaster recovery site)

    ACR delivers personalised disaster recovery solutions which take account of the size and requirements of our clients.










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