Efficient management begins with virtualisation

    Efficiency and value for money have become core principles of good governance within the public sector. In the face of challenging austerity measures, public sector businesses have been forced to become leaner and streamline the way they operate in order to contend with fewer resources and a lack of funding. Innovative virtualisation technology has become a reliable partner in this sector, helping public bodies to drive economic efficiency while maximising IT performance and enhancing data recovery capabilities.

    By adopting a server virtualisation solution for their IT needs, public sector organisations can trim their hardware requirements and ultimately reduce year-on-year maintenance; resulting in considerable cost savings. With substantially fewer servers to operate and support, energy bills are greatly reduced and organisations are able to decrease their carbon footprint by not having to acquire additional physical space.

    As an award-winning virtualisation specialist, ACR has worked with numerous public sector organisations to implement a more flexible IT infrastructure. These solutions provide employees with greater freedom in where and when they work alondside reducing desktop computing costs without compromising on security, compliance, or productivity. Any public-facing organisation needs to deliver proven ROI and our virtualisation solutions deliver genuine scalability as well as tangible cost savings.

    Meeting current challenges with one eye on the future

    ACR considers future capacity needs in all its technical designs to enable new virtual servers to be deployed swiftly and simply, without additional cost. By moving to virtual desktop applications, public sector organisations can protect future budgets by eliminating the cost of buying additional physical hardware as they grow.

    ACR adopts a ‘problem solving’ approach to all new projects and focuses only on meeting a client’s brief; preventing both over and under investment. Projects are delivered within strict timescales and within budget while ensuring a smooth and effective handover. ACR recognises that public sector businesses rely on the continued availability of their data and subsequently develops effective disaster recovery solutions that minimise the risk of data loss.

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