Ask less of your IT infrastructure and achieve more

    Modern businesses require simple, responsive IT infrastructure that does not cost the earth. Efficiency translates into profit and if your productivity is being compromised by needlessly complex, inadequate technology then it is time for a change. ACR can help take the pain out of IT modernisation by identifying a solution that is personal to your business and anticipates your future needs. As a highly experienced virtualisation specialist, we will source software from a range of vendors to build an IT infrastructure that simplifies your day-to-day IT management and releases your in-house technical team to focus on helping your business grow.

    Work patterns are changing and business users are required to work from a multitude of locations and mobile devices. ACR can help businesses to centralise the management of their IT while delivering virtual desktops onsite and remotely to either company-owned or private devices. Security is enhanced as data remains in the data centre or private cloud and not on the device itself; therefore adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.

    In the face of tough economic conditions, switching to a virtualisation solution can reduce both capital and operational expenses. ACR has worked with many of the UK’s leading businesses to implement a server consolidation strategy that reduces the strain on their existing infrastructure and makes better use of their current software. By reducing the number of servers that support an organisation’s applications, companies can reduce power costs and shrink their annual maintenance budget.

    Building now for the future

    ACR gets to the root of a problem quickly and in addition to focusing on an organisation's current challenges, we also build a template that anticipates the future and plans for growth. Many of our clients grow by acquisition and require an agile infrastructure that has the capacity to sustain rapid expansion. ACR, as a trusted virtualisation specialist, ensures that this flexibility is achieved and by getting the solution right first time, deadlines are met and the benefits are realised immediately.

    ACR is ideally placed to help you predict your future capacity needs. Deadlines protect profits and we get it right first time so our clients’ can begin to realise the benefits of our solutions immediately.

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