• Virtualisation delivered on time and within budget

    ACR is one of the UK’s leading virtualisation specialists, helping businesses to develop an agile, reliable and high-performance infrastructure to increase productivity and streamline IT management.

    With an extensive background in implementing IT solutions across multiple environments – delivered by an award-winning team of IT engineers- ACR prides itself on providing its clients with bespoke solutions born out of their specific business needs. Our highly qualified and experienced technical engineers sell custom-made solutions – not unnecessary technology.

    Recognising the differing budget resources open to our corporate and public clients – alongside current economic challenges - ACR works closely with businesses to consider infrastructure options that balance affordability with enterprise-class performance.



    • ACR developed an excellent relationship with the IT Manager at DENSO which meant that crucial information was shared in an open and effective manner. This plus the extensive knowledge and expertise of the ACR team resulted in a solution being identified that would address a number of problems that had existed for years within DENSO.

    • It was important to identify one solution to address the issues and a critical component of the solution was the choice of SAN which had to meet the demands of today and the future growth of an ever expanding college. The performance of the iSCi SANs, their simplicity, and the ability to replicate to anywhere simply with IP connectivity made disaster recovery, business continuity and high availability achievable at a significantly reduced cost.

    • It was important for Parker Hannifin to select a provider with pedigree, and ACR has a proven track record winning numerous industry recognized awards. ACR took the time to understand the Business, the current infrastructure issues as well as the future requirements of the business. They then set about designing a solution to meet the business needs. The answer was a comprehensive IT solution that included Hardware, Software, Desktop, and Server Room with VMware being part of the overall solution.


    Virtualising the data centre for growth "ACR are friendly, approachable and honest: What was anticipated as being a difficult and painful journey became a pleasant, reassuring and positive one." Bishop Grosseteste University
    Transforming the data centre for business continuity "ACR demonstrated a winning culture, passionate people, valued customers and engaged leadership." Parker Industries
    Transforming the data centre for business continuity "ACR has proved to be a natural partner for DENSO, demonstrating creativity in finding the right solution." DENSO
    Transforming the data centre for business continuity "ACR Identified a genuine desire to identify the right solution that would scale seamlessly with the college." New College, Pontefract
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